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Have you spent years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on developing a one of a kind kick ass online product but it isn't selling as planned?

Is your product the best on the market and have the possibility to transform people´s lives but you are not sure how to market it without coming off as salesy?

Are you running a small online business or startup that just cannot afford to pay 200 USD per hour to a copywriter and marketing consultant?

Then maybe, only maybe, we can do great things together.


Sandra Bourbon started from nothing. Her passion has always been sales. She started off selling homemade lotion to neighbors at the age of 5, moved on to telemarketing with the highlight of selling TV channels to a man that didn't even have electricity, and later founded her own company.

Sandra Bourbon has doubled her revenue every year since the start and was profitable from day one. She is a fully booked keynote speaker several months ahead - and never did any cold calling - all bookings were made by customers contacting Sandra directly. All without paying zero dinero for marketing - Facebook ads included!

Sandra Bourbon has helped several small businesses increasing sales with help of state-of-the-art sales funnel E-mail marketing.

Sandra Bourbon has been trained by marketing gurus like André Chaperon (inventor of soap opera sequences) and Michael Hauge (one of Hollywood´s finest storytelling consultants).


Strategy & Sales

We help you to triple your sales and at the same time get super fans. All by powerful E-mail strategy and copy by storytelling that converts to sales.


We work close together with our customers since it is you that know your dream customer the best. We help you to write the stories that will turn engaged potential customers into long term customers and true fans.

Marketing Automation

We help you to implement, test and optimizing your offer whether it is onboarding, evergreen, launch or a campaign.

"Before I had relayed on “hope marketing”. I hate selling – it makes me highly uncomfortable. That is why I love working with Sandra since she drags the most amazing stories (stories that I didn’t even know I had ) out of me, and use them to create true super fans that love to buy my products. Sandra helped me to launch my first online product with outstanding results that exceeded all expectations!"

- Patricia, business owner in the financial industry


We work with the world´s best and most innovative small businesses all over the world. We only take on a small number of businesses that want to change the world which only has a tiny wallet for marketing.

It all starts with a Get to Know Each Other meeting to see if it is a fit.

Apply by contacting us today.

Ps. We completely get it - a small company that has the mission to change the world cannot spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing and copywriting without guarantee. Your business is far too important.

That is why you only pay us a small start fee and then we share the profit we help you create. If we don't succeed - you don´t pay! Simple as that.

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